Rose Tinted Memories, based in County Cork Ireland, specialises in personalised DVD presentations using your family photos and favourite music.

Add the Music - Step 2

There are millions of songs available for us to use on your Rose Tinted Memories personalised DVD presentation! We will have most of these in our own inventory but now and again we come across a song requested by you that we don't have in our own collection. In that case, we will ask you to include the CD along with the photos and order form that you send in to us.

Choosing Your Songs

To help you choose your songs, we have put together a list of our own customers most popular choices. To see them, just click Music Suggestions - a new window will pop up. Then you can either close the new window or you can click on the link that is provided to return to this page.

The songs on the Music Suggestions list have worked very well on our personalised DVD presentations. But don't feel you have to stick rigidly to the list!

We want you to pick your favourite songs in order to get the most out of your personalised DVD presentation!

How will I know if you have my songs?

If you're not sure, please email us and ask. If we don't have it, you can send it in to us on a CD which we will return to you.

Do I have to choose all the songs myself?

No! You can pick out a favourite or two and leave the rest up to us!

Are you ready? Now you need to select the songs and the order that you would like them in -

You will be asked to fill out your song choices on the Order Form in the next step. Your choices are extremely flexible. You will be given options to:

  1. Select your title song.
  2. For the rest of your songs, you will be asked to-
    1. Write down your songs in the order that you want them played, OR
    2. Include 1 or 2 favourite songs - if there aren't enough we can select a few more for you, OR
    3. Choose no other songs and leave it up to us!
  3. Any other special wishes? There will be a space on the Order Form for you to include any other instructions you have for us.

How many songs should I select?

song tip

The average time that each picture stays on the screen is 10 seconds. That time can be lengthened or shortened to fit your song. The song can also be repeated or faded out to fit your pictures. Songs average 2-3 minutes each. (About 12-18 pictures per song)

Now you are ready for Step 3 - Order the DVD!

Rose Tinted Memories, The Beeches, 4 Towerscourt, Whitechurch, Co. Cork. Tel: 021-4884292 Mob: 086-8050005

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Gift of a DVD

The gift of a personalised DVD video is what memories are made of and can suit almost any occasion! See Gift Ideas