Rose Tinted Memories, based in County Cork Ireland, specialises in personalised DVD presentations using your family photos and favourite music.

Start with Photos - Step 1

To begin, you will need to collect and organise the photos, documents, invitations, announcements, clippings and other materials that you want included in your personalised DVD video presentation - that is, you will need to:

Organise the photos and any other printed material by putting them into the sequence you want them displayed

To do this, label and number each photo (or other printed matter) in case they fall out of sequence during shipment. Number the photos/printed material starting with "one" (1) and count upwards. We suggest 2 ways of labelling your photos:

  1. Write the number on a Post-it note and attach to back of photo/printed matter, or
  2. Write the number on the back in pencil (but take care not to press too hard on the photo/printed matter to avoid damage)

Don't use a regular ink pen because the ink can transfer to the other photos!

We are often asked by our customers is it possible to send in digital photographs?

The answer is yes! And so that we can understand what sequence you want them in, just change the name of the photos to a number - eg "59.jpg". Then put the photos onto a transferrable media such as a CD or a memory stick, and include it when you send in your order.


Try to choose pictures that are horizontal (wider than they are tall) because they more closely fit your television screen. If there is someone you DON'T want in the picture, be sure to let us know and we can 'photoshop' them out.

Can I choose a photo and title for the cover of the DVD?

Yes! You will be asked for that information when it comes time to Order the DVD in Step 3.

Now you are ready for Step 2 - Add the Music!

Rose Tinted Memories, The Beeches, 4 Towerscourt, Whitechurch, Co. Cork. Tel: 021-4884292 Mob: 086-8050005

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Gift of a DVD

The gift of a personalised DVD video is what memories are made of and can suit almost any occasion! See Gift Ideas